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This was quite the opinion of two persons who on a beautiful day at the beginning of that month, four years ago, had established themselves under the great trees in a couple of iron chairs—the big ones with arms, for which, if I mistake not, you pay twopence—and sat there with the slow procession of the Drive behind them while their faces were turned to the more vivid agitation of the Row.

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He disapproved of the extension of the suffrage but had positively drainage on the brain. Freer, dropping her glass.

He smiled, he raised fkn hat with all possible friendliness, and his three companions turned to see whom he so frankly greeted. They must take risks over here more and more. You can judge for yourself.

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I should want to know a good deal about the foreign family I was going to marry into. Upwards of sixty and of great stature and great presence, he was a thoroughly splendid apparition.

How do you mean, aristocratic? They had flat backs and small waists, they walked slowly, with their elbows out, carrying vast parasols and turning their he very little to the right or the left. One was noticeably taller and older than the other, and it was plain at a glance that they were sisters. A man near me mentioned who he was.

And who told them? They had been detained a moment at the entrance to the Row and now advanced side by side, their groom close behind them. Some of the young men, as well as the women, had the happiest proportions and oval faces—faces in which line and colour were pure and fresh and the idea of the moment far from intense.

This seemed no small good fortune, for it always opened upon a charming picture. His hands were encased in new gloves of a dark-brown colour, and these masquerading members hung consciously, quite ruefully, at his sides.

He had come over to London to attend a medical congress which met this year in the p. They had lately made the voyage from New York in his company, and he was clearly a person who would shine at sea with an almost intolerable blandness. Suddenly her father and sister turned away to leave the Park, and she ed them and disappeared while Jackson came up on the left again as for a final gallop. I assure you everybody knows them. They were quiet simple elderly, of aspect somewhat neutral; you would have liked them extremely but would scarcely have noticed them.

Her husband, on the other hand, who was usually quite grave, indulged on great occasions in resounding mirth.

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She wished to add an arch or two to the bridge on which she had effected her transit from America; and it was her belief that Doctor Lemon might furnish the materials. Freer be hanged too. If they were interested in the riders, the horses, the walkers, the great exhibition of English wealth and health, beauty, luxury jacksn leisure, it was because all this referred itself to other impressions, because they had the iwo to almost everything that needed an answer—because, in a word, they were able to compare.

Freer yearned over the lost hand. On which the reader is begged to have confidence; he is not asked to make vain concessions.

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They were eminently a social pair; their interests were mainly wltty. The air was full of sound, was low and economised; and when, near our friends, it became articulate the words were simple and few.

The wide long area of the Row, its red-brown surface jackskn with bounding figures, stretched away into the distance and became suffused and misty p. The inmates were a blooming and beautiful race, and their interior had an aspect of the ripest comfort.

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He was unfortunately not very rich—for a man who had to exemplify such truths—and of his twelve children no less than seven were daughters. What did his father want to go and make all that money for? He offered one of his stuffed gloves almost with eagerness to Mrs.

Between them, with their charming shoulders, their lqdy waists and jckson skirts that hung without a wrinkle, like plates of zinc, they represented in a singularly complete form the pretty English girl in the position in which she is prettiest. Sidney Feeder, who had several cousins of this name established in the same line at Cincinnati, had transferred himself and his ambition to New York, where his practice had at the end of three years begun to grow. She was full of intentions of the most judicious sort and, though perpetually moving about the world, had the air of waiting for every one else to pass.

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I hope I make you feel mean. They had found their native land quite ruinous. He in fact presented himself and in her drawing-room met her mother, who happened to be calling at the same moment. Freer asked of young Feeder.

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I think Fn and American society ought to be but one. Certain things were salient, pervasive—the shining flanks of the perfect horses, the twinkle of bits and spurs, the smoothness of fine cloth adjusted to shoulders and limbs, the sheen of hats and boots, the freshness of complexions, the expression of smiling talking faces, the flash and flutter of rapid gallops. Completely professional services offered.