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Making a Gown 2s. There was no doctor jen Little Clacton until quite recently, and it was necessary to employ one from a neighbouring village. Midwifery to be paid for as usual where an order is given. Here some of the paupers were lodged and employed on menial tasks. The functions of the overseers were gradually transferred to the Tendring Board of Guardians when this body was formed inand the Union Workhouse now Heath Hospital supplanted the parish workhouses. The surveyors were responsible for maintaining the highways and bridges, levying a toll for the purpose, and apportioning the work among the farmers and their men.

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No wonder the building by the north end of the churchyard was once supposed to be haunted! At the southern end of the lane was Reeden Hatch suggesting a gateway to woodland Towns Wood?

The ,en, however, were deeply concerned with this distressing situation, and in that enlightened age numerous public health authorities were set up, forerunners of our district councils. Due to the increasing cost of maintenance, the farm was sold in and the proceeds were invested for the benefit of the poor. Gidea Hall THE two ancient farmste of Engaines and Bovills both became recognised in due course as independent manors.

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Americah Blairmont on the Thorpe Road was Batts Green, while farther along was Tabbs or Talbots Green on which there existed about two hundred years ago a small alehouse called the Pig, hence the modern name of Pig Street. However, their biplane fighters dea starting to look antiquated when compared to the new aircraft being developed by the Luftwaffe. Most of the smugglers had hurried away into the darkness, but a few of them returned in an attempt to recover the contraband.

This body was made into a separate corporation inand dissolved in Midwifery to be paid for as usual where an order is given.

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The speeds which could be achieved by new aircraft meant airfields did not have to be so close americzn London to defend it, and new bases were built nearer to the coasts to intercept Russian bombers over the North Sea. A century later the old name had entirely lapsed, and one occupier rejoiced in the name of Giddy Baker.

Image om of North Weald Airfield Museum. This solitary incident was no doubt typical of many that occurred on the Clacton road in those stirring times.

When sez was lacking, and every ditch was a public sewer, typhoid fever made its periodic incursion. The most well-known of these is Stow Maries which still retains many of the buildings that were constructed to support the aircraft and personnel who were based there during the war.

Reedlands Reedens straddling the Holland Road bears the date when the house was rebuilt, and it was fs owned by the lay rectors as part of the old demesne lands. Although she appears to have conveyed her estates to trustees so as to avoid confiscation, many of them had to be sold, and about Bovills Hall and Woodrows, and Alton Park amdrican Great Clacton, were conveyed to a Daniel Taylor.

Osyth Heath which was administered by trustees on behalf of the poor.

ECL Clacton - Millicents Day Centre

The local council, which removed it, said it did not know it was by Banksy. If it exists then one is tempted to associate it with those far-off days when the whole area belonged to the bishops, and as a means of concealment, but a more practical solution is that it was part of a medieval drainage system.

The origin of this name is doubtful, but it may be a corruption of causey or causeway, meaning a raised footway at a place liable to flood, for this part of the Green was low lying.

Some of the rent went in the purchase of blankets, coals, clothes and meat, while the remainder was disbursed by the parish officers in sums varying from 2s. Woodlands was once called Risbridge Farm Agnes de Risbregge lived in after the nearby crossing of the Brook, which was evidently a brushwood bridge. Early airfields, or landing grounds, clactton like early aircraft — basic.

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Here some of the paupers were lodged and employed on menial tasks. At this point, the aircraft were still mostly biplanes, such as the Hawker Hart and Fury and later the Gloster Gladiator, and were really just modernised versions of the Sopwith Camels of earlier days. Called Cokks init appears as Cockes occupied by Jo. A of owners are recorded in the middle of the sixteenth century, and then we come to that great stalwart, William Hubbard.

Harold Lilley, lived wmerican the Lodge. Did his mind go back during those gruelling weeks to that carefree holiday with his parents in Clacton Park only a few miles distant?

Throughout this time Bovills Hall has been occupied by various tenant farmers, and about it was taken over by John Fisher whose family remained there more than a hundred years and were among the leading yeomen in the parish during last century. Permanent airfields, such as those at Hornchurch, North Weald and Debden were constructed, with well-built brick accommodation for the personnel stationed there as well as large, o hangars to help look after the larger and more powerful aircraft that had been developed.

Cocks Hall was eventually sold by them in to John Freeman of Colchester, in whose family it remained for over a century. William likewise had four wives although only three of them are mentioned on his own brass at Little Clacton. A later farmer, Mr. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone.

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It has been suggested ametican Plough Corner was so named because the road takes the shape of a plough. In we see its later name making an appearance when there is record of Gyddyhall alias Eynegaynehall, but apart from the common and not too complimentary adjective its derivation remains a mystery. But by the time it had been announced, the mural had already been removed due to the complaint received on Tuesday.

Sir John Engaine is recorded as a benefactor to Thremhall Priory at Stanstead Mountfichet in Essex aboutand perhaps it was he who gave Engaines to that monastery. The Hubbards were in the village inpossibly at Bovills Hall which they subsequently owned.

The Green was crossed by a lane which only within living memory has been transformed into the main traffic route to the sea, while on its west side was a footpath still known locally as the Carnser.